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Hamilton Technology Solutions is not in the business of making or selling hardware or software products. Rather, we recommend products we know and trust, and are happy to arrange for purchase of computer, networking, and other technology products from local, national, or global vendors. In this way we can maintain independence and are free to offer you unbiased advice on the best solutions for your problems.


Our clients often call us for advice in selecting products (new computers, networking, printers, etc.), and we either arrange for purchase and installation or recommend vendors and specific products for the clients to purchase and install themselves.  


Time spent by Hamilton Technology Solutions associates in assisting with product selection, acquisition, install, and post-install support is billed at our standard hourly rates.


We also can help you find an Internet domain for your business or home (e.g. www.myBusiness.com or www.myFamilyName.com), then setup an email service or web site.

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