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Hamilton Technology Solutions grew out of the realization that users were becoming increasingly frustrated by their experiences with their computers, networks, and personal or business computer software:


* Computers stopped working, slowed down over time, or were "virused"


* Their Internet connection was intermittent, or perhaps they were ready to move to high-speed internet


* They wanted to add a second or third computer and have it share a high-speed Internet connection, or perhaps add wireless, but didn't know what to buy or how to correctly install it.


* Their office systems were networked together by someone sometime ago, and now when they added another computer or new software everything stopped working


A consistent theme was that there was nowhere to turn to for reliable, high quality help, from someone who listened, could communicate coherently, and who knew how to find creative, appropriate solutions to problems. 


Hardware, software, retail store support can be infuriating. Frequently they force their "one fix" on more complicated problems, selling additional products which aren't necessary and don't actually fix the underlying issue. The people who do the work don't listen, don't hear, and are more focused on getting a quick fix in place then solving the actual, sometime chronic, problem. People turn their computer over to the support department at the major retail stores where and it can comes back to you with critical applications and data, files, pictures, music, forever lost. It doesn't have to be this way.


Hamilton Technology Solutions was founded to provide a new level of thoughtful, experienced, high quality technology solutions to our clients. Hamilton Technology Solutions founder has over 20 years of experience in high technology business solutions and over a dozen years of supporting mid-size business and high-end home users like you.


Now that wisdom and experience is available to you. Call us if you're ready for quality help making your computers or other home technology work for you.

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